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Fibre Cement Slates

Fibre Cement Slates are coming more and more popular as an alternative too Natural Slate Tiles. This is for many reasons such as cost, Fibre cement slates are more affordable than the Natural Slate Tiles. They are lightweight, durable also long lasting with a life span of about 50-60 years, this will vary depending on the manufacturer. This type of slate is being used more often on public building such as schools & healthcare projects as well as new builds and home improvements and refurbishments.

The Fibre Cement Slate in many cases looks as good as natural slate. So much so many local authorities in conservations areas where natural materials such and natural clay or slate must be used for roofs, but now because the Fibre Cement Slate still gives the authentic look many councils now allow them to be used. We would still advise to check with your local authority whether or not they allow this option on your project. Below you will see one of our projects on two outbuildings using Marley Eternit Fibre Cement Slates.

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